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We asked our contributors to tell us what they were listening to, creating to, or wanting to see danced to in 2021. Below are a few shout outs. Check out our Spotify playlist here (or scan the code below) for all 212 songs (we, um, like music…).


Dancers and multimedia artists in their own right, the dreamy music of Slowdanger is perfect for warm-up or creation. Their new EP, “Echolocation,” is on our Spotify playlist.

Juliette Irons

Another dancer/musician, Juliette’s unique story of creating dance and music using synesthesia gives her music a deep, full-sensory feeling. Her latest EP, “Out of the Blue,” is on our Spotify playlist.

Juliette Irons crouches in the ocean pointing a flashlight at the camera on the cover of here EP "Out of the Blue"

Melody Loveless

How can you not love a musician named Melody? This artist creates music using algorithmic coding and each song takes you on a wild ride. Only available on SoundCloud, her music can be found here.


2020 was crazy and 2021 isn't smoothing sailing either. Find some time to sit in silence, to dance in silence. Let yourself hear stillness and breath. It’s okay to be quiet.

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Open your spotify app to scan the code below and listen to our full 2021 playlist

(or you can just search "Dancegeist" on Spotify)

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