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Destini Rogers, a short haired black woman, wears a colorful headband and leans on a tree in the snow. She looks into a mirror on the ground so her reflection is looking directly at the camera.
Dancegeist Magazines's "To Create in 2021 List"

This year let’s create intensives and learning opportunities for adults that are not always connected to colleges or bedrock institutions. This concept fits within the larger goal of spreading out the power in our industry. Specifically, let’s work to create grants for new training programs to begin. For many, the biggest obstacle for creating new learning opportunities is the massive upfront costs required to secure studio space, advertising, etc to set up workshops. If we, as a community, make it easier to provide training opportunities we are only enriching the ecosystem of our industry as a whole.

Non-Institutionalized Learning Opportunities

  The arts are a massive driver of the U.S. economy. In 2021 we must fight for more powerful government representation. Specifically, it is past time to have a Secretary for the Arts & Culture. This person should fight not just for funding for the arts but for the distribution of arts funding to a larger number of artists so the effect of support is more widely felt.

Sign a petition for the creation of a Secretary of Arts & Culture here.

Government Representation

Gone are the days of ornamental dance. In 2021, let’s create aesthetically beautiful work that causes audiences to rethink long held beliefs, to talk to one another, and to form a community. If a dance takes place and no one discusses it, did it happen?

Work That Sparks Conversation and Introspection

We tend to get so isolated within the individualized sectors of our industry (commercial vs. concert, for example) that we don’t even realize the power of our own skills. Let’s spend this next year looking outside our bubbles and offering up an exchange of skills and resources. Put yourself in the places that lack “yous.”

Mutual Aid Groups

Piggybacking off the case for mutual aid groups, in 2021 we need to embrace collectives of creators that can recognize the strength they have together to accomplish what they could not achieve alone. These collectives should also be able to exist in tandem with others without feeding an impulse to compete against one another. [Give a brief example of what this tandem existence might look like.] In 2021, let’s create one large community. Let’s create the community we deserve.

Non-Competitive Communities

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