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September 2020

Age: 27

Born: San Francisco, CA

Lives: New York, NY

Media: Dancing/Choreography, Acting, Modeling, Singing/Songwriting, creative directing and styling.

Pierce Cady was born in San Francisco, California.  At 10, he moved to New York with his Mom where at 16, he found dance and started with ballet before leaving that for hip hop after a year. Since then, Pierce has been signed with an agent and has worked for artists such as Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Travis Scott, Dua Lipa and many more. Currently, he is focusing his career towards music and acting but always incorporating dance and movement in everything he does.

 “I want to see dancers understand their worth, and not in the amount of the dollar. I want them to be able to see that without them ,the industry would crumble. Because dancers are the ones that actually steer the narrative and not the other way around.



Beyond my height, as someone who has Asperger’s Syndrome and ADHD, I had to learn more about what’s considered 'socially acceptable' in the dance world. But then sooner realized, I am who I am. And I like who I am, so take it or leave it.


 The room I deserve looks like: 

“One where people are sharing with each other and cheering each other on as opposed to judging one another and worrying about whose gonna get the job.”

What steps can we all take to manifest a room we all deserve?

Positivity and love are the first steps in anything you want to flourish. As well as understanding what you deserve as a human being, as a dancer, and as a creative. And then not allowing ANYONE to treat you otherwise.

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