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"Mind Body Spirit" by Logan "Logistx" Edra

I’m Logan Edra, aka Logistx. My passion for dance began at eight years old. Today, I’m a 17-year-old B-girl who specializes in breaking and hip-hop styles as a member of the Underground Flow crew and the Red Bull BC One All Stars. 


It goes without saying that this past year has been hard for us all. It’s impossible to avoid the fact that we’ve been put in circumstances that require us to really take care of ourselves. During this time, my approach to self-care and dance has flipped 180 degrees and I’ve integrated new means of prioritizing my physical, mental, and spiritual health. I’m a firm believer in the utilization of and connection between the body, mind, and spirit, and want to share various aspects of my wellness routines. People of any age, background, and lifestyle can apply these techniques to their daily routines to help maintain a disciplined and careful balance of all three areas.


As a training dancer, I use my body every day to hit moves, compete in battles, throw down, teach, and perform. I recognize the importance of taking care of the physical thing that allows me to move, especially with all of the wear and tear on my muscles. Over the years, I’ve learned that proper recovery is absolutely critical. Sleep is crucial for recovery, as is daily stretching and massages. They allow the tension in my muscles to ease after lots of flexing and movement. 


Breath work, hydration, and receiving sunlight often are also vital. After all, we cannot live without breathing, our bodies are 80% water, and the sun is a major source of cosmic energy. I like practicing different forms of breath work, such as the breath of fire for chakra activation or deep breathing to ease anxiety. 


Last but not least, you are what you eat. I’ve been vegan for over four years and this change has significantly improved my physical ability. After cutting out meat and dairy, I’ve noticed faster tissue recovery, increased energy levels, and better moods.


Logan "Logistix" Edra breakdances in the street. She is balanced on her hands with her feet in the air behind her head.

I’ve also begun seeing a therapist regularly who provides helpful insight, knowledge, and careful suggestions. Our sessions have eased my anxiety and have also allowed me to gain more knowledge about healthy stress and anxiety coping mechanisms.

I’m constantly listening to the needs of my body, and apply the same care to my mind. In order to create my pieces of choreography, moves, and transitions in breaking, my mind needs to be in a healthy state. The importance of my mental health is magnified in competition, whether I’m battling in a local cypher or larger breaking competitions, such as Red Bull BC One. I practice mental strength and expansion by constantly creating opportunities to learn something new. Every day I gather knowledge through reading, watching educational videos, or listening to a friend share their perspective on life. I often turn to mentors within my Red Bull BC One All Stars family for insight on training, battling, and professionalism. Within the breaking community, we’re always learning from one another.

In addition to physical health and mental wellness, spiritual health is equally important to me. I’m very sensitive to energy, so I’ve learned how and when to set boundaries for myself to avoid feeling drained. I’ve also discovered profound ways of gaining energy through nature. In addition to my plant-based diet, I like to spend my time outside, barefoot, grounding and sunbathing to connect with nature that has existed long before us. Meditation also allows me to connect with a higher source for not only energy, but for healing, empowerment, and cleansing my energetic field. 


Faith and awareness are the keys to my personal wellness and professional success. As an active artist and athlete, my body, mind, and spirit need to be at their healthiest when performing or going into competitions. I believe if you can balance these three elements, you can unlock your higher self and contribute to the healing and growth of the wider consciousness and local communities. I’m excited to continue integrating my spirit into purpose-driven art that can serve the community and help me achieve my personal goals and growth.


Every dancer should develop their own routine that caters to their physical, mental, and spiritual needs. As I continue to grow, my routines will adapt to where I am in my journey as a dancer and human. By sharing my own self-awareness journey, I hope to amplify the importance of knowledge-of-self in elevating the mind, body, and spirit.

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