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Meet Cover Model

Kayla Rae Comeaux

By Lory Lyon

Age 33

Hometown Port Arthur, Texas

Lives Flatbush, Brooklyn

Other interests DJing, spirituality, and divination.

  “I want to see more of a continuation of kind of what FKA Twigs is doing… incorporating pole dancing and black culture… when it comes to twerking and just how we use our bodies to the type of music that we listen to. Emotion, and that sensuality. More of it in a contemporary sense… fleshed out across the board. Not so much putting it into a box as ‘this kind of dance’ with ‘those kind of people’ but showing it on the stage of it being dance and movement. 

It’s just as important in the art as any other form of dance.”


 “I’d like to see less of a… cookie cutter form of dance. In terms of hip hop. If you’re going to showcase it let it be authentic, let it be real. Let’s make sure we’re going to the hood or wherever we have to go.  When it comes to our gays and our trans and the ballroom, make sure we’re being authentic in all aspects of it.”


“It’s easy to pick a trained dancer and teach them something, but you’re not going to get the same authenticity if you’re going straight to the clubs where they’re leaving their heart on the dance floor.”


“We’re depending on our artists right now to get us through such a trying time. What I would like to see in the future is more investment and uplifting the true artists."

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