This is Dancegeist

 A zeitgeist is the spirit and feeling of an era. It’s a time capsule that only exists in the intangible. Dancegeist is the intangible feelings of the varied worlds of the dance community made tangible. We don’t send out reporters to learn about other communities, we allow communities to speak for themselves. 

We are for the dance community, by the dance community.

We hope Dancegeist will become the gathering spot of ideas for the dance community. Not just a place to spotlight problems and controversies but to offer solutions. We cannot advocate for all unless we know what is truly needed. That being said, we are always open to hear what you have to say. We don’t just talk talk to you, you talk to us. What does it mean to be in the dance industry now and how are we building our future? 

Dancegeist Magazine is movement in conversation.

We will never dilute our voice in the rat race of capitalism. Our stories are the stories that matter to our community, not businesses. This is an organization of free thoughts and important news. We are here to create the community we deserve. We are here to advocate for betterment, integrity, and theory. 

For that reason, our thoughts are not for sale.


 Welcome to the new paradigm,

Teddy Tedholm

Editor in Chief




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